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Any domestic railroad corporation may enter into an agreement with the holders of its bonds or other obligations issued to evidence or secure its indebtedness, or with the holders of any particular class of such bonds or obligations, or with the holders of its special or preferred stock or income certificates, or with any particular class or portion thereof, in relation to the sale, lease, or control of the property and franchises of such corporation which shall receive the assent of the holders of two-thirds in amount of each class of special, preferred, and common stock and then outstanding income certificates, at a meeting of the holders of such stocks and certificates called for that purpose in the same manner as other stockholders' meetings are called; but a certificate of such assent, under the corporate seal, and a certified copy of the agreement so assented to, shall be filed with the secretary of state within 30 days after the meeting at which such assent was given, and a copy of the agreement shall be printed upon, or attached to, the class of bonds or other obligations, or the special or preferred stock or income certificates with the holders of which such agreement has been made, and also printed upon or attached to the certificates of common stock.


(7520) RL s 2909