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Any domestic railroad company authorized by law to consolidate its property and franchises, or any portion thereof, with the property and franchises or any portion thereof of another railroad company, or to purchase the railroad property and franchises, or any part thereof, of another railroad company, may effect such consolidation or purchase by acquiring the stock, bonds, or other securities of such other railroad company, and for the special purpose of acquiring the same may create, issue, or dispose of its own stock, bonds, or other securities, in addition to the amounts it is otherwise authorized to issue, to an amount not exceeding the actual value of the stock or bonds of such other company acquired by it. It may also create, issue, and dispose of such amounts of stock for any other authorized purpose as the board of directors may find necessary. Prior to the issue of any stock under the provisions of this section, the corporation shall file with the secretary of state a duly authenticated resolution of its board of directors, stating the number and par value of the shares so to be issued and the purpose of such issue. No railroad company shall sell its capital stock for less than its full par value in money, property, work, or services, and no such company shall issue or sell any stock or do any act prohibited by any other law relating to such matters.


(7510) RL s 2899