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Subdivision 1.Budget.

The board must, on or before July 1 each year, prepare and submit a detailed budget of the district's needs for the next calendar year to the governing body of each municipality in the district with a statement of the proportion of the budget to be provided by each municipality. The governing body of each municipality in the district shall review the budget and the board, upon notice from a municipality, must hear objections to the budget. After the hearing, the board may modify or amend the budget. Notice must be given to the municipalities of modifications or amendments.

Subd. 2.Municipal funding of district.

(a) The governing body or board of supervisors of each municipality in the district must provide the funds necessary to meet its proportion of the total cost determined by the board, provided the total funding from all municipalities in the district for the costs shall not exceed an amount equal to .00242 percent of the total taxable market value within the district, unless three-fourths of the municipalities in the district pass a resolution concurring to the additional costs.

(b) The funds must be deposited in the treasury of the district in amounts and at times as the treasurer of the district requires.

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