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Subdivision 1.Training course; crimes motivated by bias.

The board must prepare a training course to assist peace officers in identifying and responding to crimes motivated by the victim's race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or characteristics identified as sexual orientation. The course must include material to help officers distinguish bias crimes from other crimes, to help officers in understanding and assisting victims of these crimes, and to ensure that bias crimes will be accurately reported as required under section 626.5531. The course must be updated periodically as the board considers appropriate.

Subd. 1a.Training course; crimes of violence.

In consultation with the school of law enforcement, the board shall prepare a training course to assist peace officers in responding to crimes of violence and to enhance peace officer sensitivity in interacting with and assisting crime victims. For purposes of this course, harassment and stalking crimes are "crimes of violence." The course must include information about:

(1) the needs of victims of these crimes and the most effective and sensitive way to meet those needs or arrange for them to be met;

(2) the extent and causes of crimes of violence, including physical and sexual abuse, physical violence, harassment and stalking, and neglect;

(3) the identification of crimes of violence and patterns of violent behavior; and

(4) culturally responsive approaches to dealing with victims and perpetrators of violence.

Subd. 2.Preservice training requirement.

An individual may not be licensed as a peace officer unless the individual has received the training described in subdivision 1. An individual is not eligible to take the peace officer licensing examination after August 1, 1994, unless the individual has received the training described in subdivision 1a.

Subd. 3.In-service training; board requirements.

The board must provide to chief law enforcement officers instructional materials patterned after the materials developed by the board under subdivisions 1 and 1a. These materials must meet board requirements for continuing education credit and be updated periodically as the board considers appropriate. The board must also seek funding for an educational conference to inform and sensitize chief law enforcement officers and other interested persons to the law enforcement issues associated with bias crimes and crimes of violence. If funding is obtained, the board may sponsor the educational conference on its own or with other public or private entities.

Subd. 4.In-service training; chief law enforcement officer requirements.

A chief law enforcement officer must inform all peace officers within the officer's agency of (1) the requirements of section 626.5531, (2) the availability of the instructional materials provided by the board under subdivision 3, and (3) the availability of continuing education credit for the completion of these materials. The chief law enforcement officer must also encourage these peace officers to review or complete the materials.

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