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The treasurer shall receive and safely keep all moneys belonging to the city, including moneys received in operations of any municipal liquor dispensary maintained by the city, and shall promptly enter in a book provided for the purpose an account of all moneys received and disbursed as treasurer, showing the source and objects thereof with the date of each transaction. The treasurer shall pay out money only upon the written order of the mayor and clerk, or such other officers of independent boards or commissions as are authorized to issue orders in the case of board or commission operations. Such orders when paid and canceled shall be retained as treasurer's vouchers. Such accounts and vouchers shall be exhibited to the council upon its request. The treasurer shall deliver to a successor all books, papers and money belonging to the city. The treasurer shall immediately after the close of the calendar year make out and file with the clerk for public inspection a report of balances, receipts and disbursements by funds for the year. The treasurer may, with the consent of the council appoint a deputy treasurer for whose acts the treasurer shall be responsible and whom the treasurer may remove at pleasure. In case of the treasurer's absence from the city or disability, the council may appoint a deputy treasurer, if there is none, to serve during such absence or disability. The deputy may discharge any of the duties of the treasurer.


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