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Payments of retirement annuities pursuant to this chapter, to annuitants who (a) retired prior to July 1, 1962, (b) had at least 20 years of allowable service credit in the Public Employees Retirement Association upon their termination of public employment, and (c) receive annuities of less than $200 per month must, retroactive to July 1, 1967, be supplemented by additional payments of $15 per month from the Public Employees Retirement Association, if the annuitants have not previously qualified for the additional payments under this section, and the annuities plus the additional payments do not exceed $200 per month. These additional payments must be made in the same manner and at the same time retirement annuities are paid and must be included in the warrants on which the annuities are so paid. The additional payments are to be added to and considered a portion of the annuity otherwise payable to the recipient and must be included in the computation of any monthly survivor benefit or optional annuity which may become due and payable to any person following the death of an annuitant who, during life, received a benefit under this section. If an annuitant entitled to receive additional payment under this section dies before retroactive payment is received, payment must be made upon demand to the designated beneficiary in an amount equal to the accumulated benefit from July 1, 1967, to the date of death, without interest.

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