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Subdivision 1. Citation.

This section may be cited as the Business Energy Accountability Act of 2008.

Subd. 2. Definition.

For the purpose of this section, "municipality" means a statutory or home rule charter city or town, or county for unincorporated areas of a county.

Subd. 3. Energy accountability form.

The commissioner of commerce shall create an energy inventory form for use by a municipality for purposes of subdivision 4. The form must be designed so a business can enter information concerning the following energy uses for the business:

(1) total gross electric use per year;

(2) electric supplier;

(3) total gross natural gas use per year;

(4) natural gas supplier;

(5) heating type;

(6) air conditioning type and use per year;

(7) business-owned motor vehicles;

(8) miles traveled by business-owned motor vehicles;

(9) chemicals used, including oils and cleaners;

(10) water use per year; and

(11) industrial sewage discharge.

The annual total gross use information required by clauses (1) and (3) must not require itemization by a business of each end use of electricity and natural gas.

The form must be designed, to the extent possible, so that its use by a municipality may qualify for grants.

Subd. 4. Municipal inventory.

A municipality applying for grants or doing inventories covered under subdivision 3 must make the state form available to businesses located within the municipality the inventory form prescribed by subdivision 3. The business is not required to complete the inventory but may elect to do so and provide the completed inventory to the municipality.

Subd. 5. Data practices.

Data provided by a business on the completed inventory for business energy use accountability is nonpublic as defined in section 13.02.


2008 c 331 s 1

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes