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Subdivision 1.Precursor substances.

The following precursors of controlled substances are "precursor substances":

(1) phenyl-2-propanone;

(2) methylamine;

(3) ethylamine;

(4) d-lysergic acid;

(5) ergotamine tartrate;

(6) diethyl malonate;

(7) malonic acid;

(8) hydriodic acid;

(9) ethyl malonate;

(10) barbituric acid;

(11) piperidine;

(12) n-acetylanthranilic acid;

(13) pyrrolidine;

(14) phenylacetic acid;

(15) anthranilic acid;

(16) ephedrine;

(17) pseudoephedrine;

(18) norpseudoephedrine;

(19) phenylpropanolamine;

(20) propionic anhydride;

(21) isosafrole;

(22) safrole;

(23) piperonal;

(24) thionylchloride;

(25) benzyl cyanide;

(26) ergonovine maleate;

(27) n-methylephedrine;

(28) n-ethylpseudoephedrine;

(29) n-methylpseudoephedrine;

(30) chloroephedrine;

(31) chloropseudoephedrine; and

(32) any substance added to this list by rule adopted by the state Board of Pharmacy.

Subd. 2.Adoption of rules.

The state Board of Pharmacy may adopt rules under chapter 14 that add a substance to the list in subdivision 1, if the substance is a precursor to a controlled substance, or delete a substance from the list. A rule adding or deleting a substance is effective only until December 31 of the year following the calendar year during which the rule was adopted.

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