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A sanitary district may be created under the provisions of sections 115.18 to 115.37 for any territory embracing an area or a group of two or more adjacent areas, whether contiguous or separate, but not situated entirely within the limits of a single municipality, for the purpose of promoting the public health and welfare by providing an adequate and efficient system and means of collecting, conveying, pumping, treating and disposing of domestic sewage and garbage and industrial wastes within the district, in any case where the agency finds that there is need throughout the territory for the accomplishment of these purposes, that these purposes can be effectively accomplished on an equitable basis by a district if created, and that the creation and maintenance of such a district will be administratively feasible and in furtherance of the public health, safety, and welfare; but subject to the following exceptions:

No district shall be created within 25 miles of the boundary of any city of the first class without the approval of the governing body thereof and the approval of the governing body of each and every municipality in the proposed district by resolution filed with the agency.