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Subdivision 1.Investment.

Employing unit contributions, after the deduction of an amount for administrative expenses, and individual participant contributions must be remitted to the State Board of Investment for investment in the Minnesota supplemental investment fund established by section 11A.17.

Subd. 2.Investment options.

(a) A participant may elect to purchase shares in the income share account, the growth share account, the international share account, the money market account, the bond market account, the fixed interest account, or the common stock index account established by section 11A.17, or a combination of those accounts. The participant may elect to purchase shares in a combination of those accounts by specifying the percentage of the total contributions to be used to purchase shares in each of the accounts.

(b) A participant or a former participant may indicate in writing a choice of options for subsequent purchases of shares. After a choice is made, until the participant or former participant makes a different written indication, the executive director of the association shall purchase shares in the supplemental investment account or accounts specified by the participant. If no initial option is indicated by a participant or the specifications made by the participant exceeds 100 percent to be invested in more than one account, the executive director shall invest all contributions made by or on behalf of a participant in the income share account. If the specifications are less than 100 percent, the executive director shall invest the remaining percentage in the income share account.

(c) Shares in the fixed interest account attributable to any guaranteed investment contract as of July 1, 1994, may not be withdrawn from the fund or transferred to another account until the guaranteed investment contract has expired, unless the participant qualifies for a benefit payment under section 353D.07.

(d) A participant or former participant may also change the investment options selected for all or a portion of the individual's previously purchased shares in accounts, subject to the provisions of paragraph (c) concerning the fixed interest account.

(e) The change or selection of an investment option or the transfer of all or a portion of the deceased or former participant's shares in the income share, growth share, common stock index, bond market, international share, money market, or fixed interest accounts must not be made following death of the participant or former participant.

Subd. 3.Administrative expenses.

The executive director of the association with the advice and consent of the board shall annually set an amount to recover the costs of the association in administering the public employees defined contribution plan.