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Where lands bid in for the state for delinquent taxes between the passage of Laws 1933, chapter 366, and the passage of Laws 1935, chapter 278, have not been assigned to actual purchasers, the county board of the county in which such lands are located may, at any time prior to February 1, 1945, adopt a resolution instructing the county auditor to list such lands as delinquent for taxes for 1942 and to file and docket such list with the court administrator of the district court as though said taxes for 1942 were the first delinquent taxes against said lands and judgment shall be entered and proceedings taken with reference to such lands as though the delinquent taxes for the year 1942 constituted the first instance of real estate tax delinquency with respect thereto; provided, that nothing herein contained shall impair the right of the state to enforce any lien in its favor which has accrued by reason of the delinquency or nonpayment of taxes for any year prior to the year 1942.