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(a) It is unlawful for an out-of-state wholesale drug distributor to conduct business in the state without first obtaining a license from the board and paying the required fee.

(b) Application for an out-of-state wholesale drug distributor license under this section shall be made on a form furnished by the board.

(c) No person acting as principal or agent for any out-of-state wholesale drug distributor may sell or distribute drugs in the state unless the distributor has obtained a license.

(d) The board may adopt regulations that permit out-of-state wholesale drug distributors to obtain a license on the basis of reciprocity to the extent that an out-of-state wholesale drug distributor:

(1) possesses a valid license granted by another state under legal standards comparable to those that must be met by a wholesale drug distributor of this state as prerequisites for obtaining a license under the laws of this state; and

(2) can show that the other state would extend reciprocal treatment under its own laws to a wholesale drug distributor of this state.