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    Subdivision 1. Information required. (a) A person may not set or place a trap or snare,
other than on property owned or occupied by the person, unless the following information is
affixed to the trap or snare in a manner that ensures that the information remains legible while the
trap or snare is on the lands or waters:
    (1) the number and state of the person's driver's license;
    (2) the person's Minnesota identification card number;
    (3) the person's name and mailing address; or
    (4) the license identification number issued by the Department of Natural Resources.
    (b) The commissioner may not prescribe additional requirements for identification of traps
or snares.
    (c) Until March 1, 2013, the driver's license number under paragraph (a), clause (1), may be
the person's previously issued Minnesota driver's license number.
    Subd. 2. Provisions not to apply. From April 1 to August 31, the trap identification
provisions of subdivision 1 do not apply to traps set for the taking of unprotected wild animals.
    Subd. 3. Penalty. A person who violates subdivision 1, paragraph (a), is guilty of a petty
History: 1993 c 231 s 45; 2007 c 131 art 1 s 46

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Revisor of Statutes