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When a retired judge undertakes such service, the retired judge shall be provided with
a reporter, selected by the retired judge, at the expense of the state, and with a deputy court
administrator, bailiff, if the judge deems a bailiff necessary, and a courtroom or hearing room
for the purpose of holding court or hearings, to be paid for by the county in which the service
is rendered and shall receive pay and expenses in the amount and manner provided by law for
judges serving on the court to which the retired judge is assigned, less the amount of retirement
pay which the judge is receiving, said payment to be made in the same manner as the payment
of salaries for judges of the district court, on certification by the chief judge of the judicial
district or by the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the state of Minnesota. A deputy court
administrator may act as bailiff when called to do so for the purposes of this section. A retired
judge who solemnizes a marriage while not assigned under section 484.61 is not entitled to
the compensation provided by this section.
History: 1957 c 678 s 2; 1969 c 1139 s 86; 1971 c 948 s 1; 1977 c 432 s 12; 1978 c 793 s 77;
1986 c 444; 1Sp1986 c 3 art 1 s 82; 1987 c 377 s 8; 1989 c 335 art 3 s 18; 1992 c 464 art 1 s 56