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The corporation shall exercise control and jurisdiction over any other airport within either
35 miles of the city hall of either city or within the metropolitan area. Control and jurisdiction
of the corporation over any privately or publicly owned airport shall be limited to control and
jurisdiction of the flight and traffic patterns of such airport in the interests of safety of the
operation of any airport owned or operated by the corporation. No airport shall be acquired or
operated within the metropolitan area without first securing the approval of the corporation,
provided, however, such approval shall not be withheld except after notice to all interested parties
and a public hearing held thereon, as provided in section 360.018, subdivision 7, and then only
upon a finding by the corporation that the acquisition or operation of such airport would create a
flight hazard to any airport or airports owned or operated by it. As to any airport once licensed
with the approval of the corporation, approval of the continued operation of such airport shall
at no time be withdrawn by the corporation except after notice to all interested parties, a public
hearing had, and a finding by the corporation based on substantial evidence that the operation
of such airport is inconsistent with the safety of flight to and from an airport owned or operated
or presently to be or being constructed to be operated by the corporation, and then only after
payment of just compensation to cover the loss sustained by reason of such withdrawal, such just
compensation, if not arrived at by agreement, to be ascertained in the condemnation of said
airport by the corporation under the power of eminent domain, the commission to institute the
condemnation proceedings promptly and to pay in connection with the prosecution thereof all
reasonable and necessary expenses incurred not only by it but also by the owner of such airport.
History: 1975 c 13 s 104