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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Sections 469.124 to 469.134 do not affect any project or program using tax increment
financing which was approved by a city council under Laws 1971, chapter 548 or 677, or Laws
1973, chapter 196, 761, or 764, prior to July 1, 1974, and such projects or programs may be
completed and financed in accordance with the provisions of the laws under which they were
initiated notwithstanding any provision of this law. Provided, however, that Laws 1971, chapters
548 and 677, and Laws 1973, chapters 196, 761, and 764, are hereby specifically superseded,
except as to those projects or programs which have been approved prior to July 1, 1974.
History: 1987 c 291 s 135