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    Subdivision 1. Supplemental assessments. The council may make supplemental
assessments to correct omissions, errors, or mistakes in the assessment relating to the total cost
of the improvement or any other particular. A supplemental assessment shall be preceded by
personal or mailed notice to the owner of each parcel included in the supplemental assessment
and a hearing as provided for the original assessment.
    Subd. 2. Reassessment. When an assessment is, for any reason whatever, set aside by a court
of competent jurisdiction as to any parcel or parcels of land, or in event the council finds that the
assessment or any part thereof is excessive or determines on advice of the municipal attorney
that the assessment or proposed assessment or any part thereof is or may be invalid for any
reason, the council may, upon notice and hearing as provided for the original assessment, make a
reassessment or a new assessment as to such parcel or parcels.
    Subd. 3. Reapportionment upon land division. When a tract of land against which a
special assessment has been levied is thereafter divided or subdivided by plat or otherwise, the
council may, on application of the owner of any part of the tract or on its own motion equitably
apportion among the various lots or parcels in the tract all the installments of the assessment
against the tract remaining unpaid and not then due if it determines that such apportionment will
not materially impair collection of the unpaid balance of the original assessment against the tract.
The council may, and if the special assessment has been pledged to the payment of improvement
warrants shall, require the owner or owners, as a condition of such apportionment, to furnish a
satisfactory surety bond fully protecting the municipality against any loss resulting from failure to
pay any part of the reapportionment assessment when due. Notice of such apportionment and of
the right to appeal shall be mailed to or personally served upon all owners of any part of the tract.
Within 30 days after the mailing or service of the notice of such apportionment any such owner
may appeal as provided in section 429.081.
    Subd. 4. Reassessment, tax-forfeited land. When a parcel of tax-forfeited land is returned
to private ownership and the parcel is benefited by an improvement for which special assessments
were canceled because of the forfeiture, the municipality that made the improvement may,
upon notice and hearing as provided for the original assessment, make a reassessment or a new
assessment as to the parcel in an amount equal to the amount remaining unpaid on the original
History: 1953 c 398 s 7; 1957 c 366 s 1; 1961 c 525 s 8; 1965 c 877 s 4; 1976 c 259 s 1

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