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The council may create departments and advisory boards and appoint officers, employees,
and agents for the city as deemed necessary for the proper management and operation of city
affairs. The council may prescribe the duties and fix the compensation of all officers, both
appointive and elective, employees, and agents, when not otherwise prescribed by law. The
council may require any officer or employee to furnish a bond conditioned for the faithful
exercise of duties and the proper application of, and payment upon demand of, all moneys
officially received. Unless otherwise prescribed by law, the amount of the bonds shall be fixed
by the council. The bonds furnished by the clerk and treasurer shall be corporate surety bonds.
The council may provide for the payment from city funds of the premium on the official bond of
any officer or employee of the city. The council may, except as otherwise provided, remove any
appointive officer or employee when in its judgment the public welfare will be promoted by the
removal. This provision does not modify the laws relating to veterans preference or to members
of a city police or fire civil service commission or public utilities commission.
History: 1949 c 119 s 14; 1951 c 378 s 4; 1973 c 123 art 2 s 1 subd 2; 1983 c 359 s 65;
1986 c 444