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    Subdivision 1. Program created. A multijurisdictional reinvestment program involving
Hennepin County, the cities of Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center, and other interested statutory
or home rule charter cities in Hennepin County, the Minneapolis Park Board, and the Three
Rivers Park District is created. The multijurisdictional program must include plans for housing
rehabilitation and removals, industrial polluted land cleanup, water ponding, environmental
cleanup, community corridor connections, corridor planning, creation of green space, acquisition
of property, development and redevelopment of parks and open space, water quality and
lakeshore improvement, development and redevelopment of housing and existing commercial
projects, and job creation.
    Subd. 2. Use of appropriations. Up to one-half of any state appropriation for the program
created in subdivision 1 may be used by the county as a grant to the cities of Minneapolis and
Brooklyn Center to provide assistance in a capital nature for constructing public infrastructure
improvements in order to further economic development.
    Subd. 3. Matching. Government jurisdictions participating in the reinvestment program
planning and projects must match any state contribution on at least a dollar-for-dollar basis in
the aggregate. Government jurisdictions, however constituted, may use any funds under their
control for the match requirement.
    Subd. 4. Administration. The board of county commissioners shall administer the program
and funds and bond for projects in this section either as a county board or a housing and
redevelopment authority. The board of county commissioners may acquire property in connection
with the projects in this section with any funds under its control. Any sale, lease, or development
of such property by the board of county commissioners shall be conducted in accordance with
section 469.029.
    Subd. 5. Financing. Hennepin County may appropriate funds for any of the activities
described in subdivision 1, whether or not state funds are appropriated for the activity. Hennepin
County may include any part of the costs of a project described in section 469.002, subdivision
, in a capital improvement plan adopted under section 373.40, and may issue bonds for such
purposes pursuant to and subject to the procedures and limitations set forth in section 373.40,
whether or not the capital improvement to be financed is to be owned by the county or any other
governmental entity. Such purposes are in addition to the capital improvements described in
section 373.40, but shall not include light rail transit, commuter rail, or any activity related to
either of those, or a sports facility building designed or used primarily for professional sports. No
funds appropriated under this subdivision may be used to pay operating expenses.
History: 1995 c 224 s 94; 1Sp1998 c 1 art 3 s 21,22; 1999 c 223 art 2 s 47; 2001 c 214
s 10; 2006 c 187 s 1

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes