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When any railway company doing business in this state shall charge, demand, or receive
unreasonable rates for the transportation of freight or passengers, or when any corporation remains
insolvent, neglects or refuses to discharge its notes or other evidences of debt, or suspends its
lawful business for one year, or fails to dispose of all its property with or without payment of
all its debts, within the time allowed by law for the liquidation of its affairs, or whenever any
corporation shall violate any provision of its articles or certificate of incorporation or any law
obligatory upon it, such corporation shall forfeit all its rights, privileges, and franchises, and be
adjudged to be dissolved. The attorney general shall make complaint against any corporation
which shall in any manner violate any provision of this section or commit any act herein recited;
and, if upon trial it is found to have committed any such acts, the court shall render judgment
of forfeiture and dissolution of the corporation. Upon the trial of any action against a railway
company for charging, demanding, or receiving unreasonable rates for transportation of freight or
passengers, the court or jury shall find specially as to the truth of such allegations.
History: (8014) RL s 3174