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It shall be an unfair labor practice:
(1) for any employee or labor organization to institute a strike if such strike is a violation of
any valid collective agreement between any employer and its employees or labor organization and
the employer is, at the time, in good faith complying with the provisions of the agreement, or to
violate the terms and conditions of such bargaining agreement;
(2) for any employee or labor organization to institute a strike if the calling of such strike
is in violation of sections 179.06 or 179.07;
(3) for any person to seize or occupy property unlawfully during the existence of a labor
(4) for any person to picket or cause to be picketed a place of employment of which place
the person is not an employee while a strike is in progress affecting the place of employment,
unless the majority of persons engaged in picketing the place of employment at these times
are employees of the place of employment;
(5) for more than one person to picket or cause to be picketed a single entrance to any place
of employment where no strike is in progress at the time;
(6) for any person to interfere in any manner with the operation of a vehicle or the operator
thereof when neither the owner nor operator of the vehicle is at the time a party to a strike;
(7) for any employee, labor organization, or officer, agent, or member thereof, to compel
or attempt to compel any person to join or to refrain from joining any labor organization or any
strike against the person's will by any threatened or actual unlawful interference with the person,
or immediate family member, or physical property, or to assault or unlawfully threaten any such
person while in pursuit of lawful employment;
(8) unless the strike has been approved by a majority vote of the voting employees in a
collective bargaining unit of the employees of an employer or association of employers against
whom such strike is primarily directed, for any person or labor organization to cooperate in
engaging in, promoting or inducing a strike. Such vote shall be taken by secret ballot at an election
called by the collective bargaining agent for the unit, and reasonable notice shall be given to all
employees in the collective bargaining unit of the time and place of election; or
(9) for any person or labor organization to hinder or prevent by intimidation, force, coercion
or sabotage, or by threats thereof, the production, transportation, processing or marketing by a
producer, processor or marketing organization, of agricultural products, or to combine or conspire
to cause or threaten to cause injury to any processor, producer or marketing organization, whether
by withholding labor or other beneficial intercourse, refusing to handle, use or work on particular
agricultural products, or by other unlawful means, in order to bring such processor or marketing
organization against its will into a concerted plan to coerce or inflict damage upon any producer;
provided that nothing in this subsection shall prevent a strike which is called by the employees of
such producer, processor or marketing organization for the bona fide purpose of improving their
own working conditions or promoting or protecting their own rights of organization, selection of
bargaining representative or collective bargaining.
The violation of clauses (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8) and (9) are hereby declared to be
unlawful acts.
History: (4254-31) 1939 c 440 s 11; 1941 c 469 s 7; 1943 c 624 s 2,3; 1986 c 444

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes