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    Subdivision 1. Postcrash inspection. A peace officer responding to an accident involving
a commercial motor vehicle must immediately notify the State Patrol if the accident results in
death, personal injury, or property damage to an apparent extent of more than $4,400. It is a
misdemeanor for a person to drive or cause to be driven a commercial motor vehicle after such an
accident unless the vehicle:
(1) has been inspected by a state trooper or other person authorized to conduct inspections
under section 169.781, subdivision 3, paragraph (a), who is an employee of the Department of
Public Safety or Transportation, and the person inspecting the vehicle has determined that the
vehicle may safely be operated; or
(2) a waiver has been granted under subdivision 2.
    Subd. 2. Waiver. A state trooper or other authorized person called to the scene of an accident
by a responding peace officer under subdivision 1 may waive the inspection requirement of
that subdivision if the person determines that a postcrash inspection is not needed or cannot be
accomplished without unreasonable delay. A person who grants a waiver must provide to the
driver of the commercial motor vehicle for which the waiver is granted a written statement that
the inspection has been waived. The written statement must include the incident report number
assigned to the accident by the State Patrol.
History: 1990 c 563 s 3; 1991 c 174 s 7

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes