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    Subdivision 1. Authority. Whenever the commissioner of transportation has knowledge
that lands are being acquired, or are about to be acquired, by a political subdivision of the
state, another state agency, or other governmental authority including but not limited to bodies
corporate such as public housing authorities created by statute, and determines that a portion of
such lands to be acquired, or lands contiguous thereto, are needed presently or in the future for
trunk highway purposes, the commissioner may, on deeming it to be in the best interests of
the state, enter into land acquisition agreements, as hereinafter provided, with such political
subdivision, state agency, or governmental authority. Power is hereby conferred upon the
commissioner of transportation, and upon political subdivisions, state agencies, and governmental
authorities to enter into, and carry out to final conclusion in accordance with the terms thereof,
such land acquisition agreements, each with the other, for the purpose of acquiring lands for their
particular public purpose.
    Subd. 2. Contents. The agreement shall set forth, among other matters, the purposes for
which the lands are acquired and the portions to be used for each particular public purpose; the
method of acquisition, whether by purchase, eminent domain proceedings, or a combination
thereof; the agency, political subdivision, or governmental authority, or combination thereof,
charged with the responsibility of carrying out the acquisition; and the division of the costs of
such lands, including acquisition costs, building clearance costs, and all other costs that may
be incurred in acquiring such lands.
    Subd. 3. Costs. The costs to be borne by the trunk highway fund shall be as provided
in such agreements.
History: 1965 c 529 s 1-3; 1976 c 166 s 7; 1986 c 444