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    Subdivision 1. Purpose. Specific service signs are to be used to create and implement a
system of signing for the purpose of displaying specific service information to the traveling public
on nonfreeway trunk highways in rural areas.
    Subd. 2. Signs at intersections and interchanges. A specific service sign may be erected at
the intersection or interchange of a trunk highway with a controlled-access road or a local road,
and at the intersection or interchange of two trunk highways. A specific service sign may not be
erected if the place of business is readily visible, if effective directional advertising is visible, or if
an advertising sign can be legally and effectively located near the intersection or interchange.
    Subd. 3. Number of trunk highway intersections or interchanges. A specific service sign
for a rural agricultural or tourist-oriented business, place of worship, restaurant, motel, resort,
recreational camping area, or gasoline service station or other retail motor fuel business is limited
to one intersection or interchange on the trunk highway system. Additional signing may be
considered when the place of business is located between, or approximately an equal distance
from, two or more trunk highways.
    Subd. 4. Trailblazing. Appropriate signing on local roads between a trunk highway
intersection or interchange and a specific service shall be the responsibility of the specific service
and the local road authority.
    Subd. 5. Signing standards. Placement of specific service sign assemblies shall be in
accordance with sections 160.292 to 160.296 and existing traffic control device standards.
    Subd. 6. Rural road markings. Rural roads, named and marked in accordance with
resolutions from their road authority, shall continue to be identified.
History: 1980 c 413 s 2; 1981 c 55 s 2-4; 1984 c 417 s 8,9; 1988 c 595 s 3,4; 1989 c 181 s 3;
1991 c 16 s 1,2; 1996 c 456 s 9-12

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes