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A person, other than a veterinarian or a person working under the control of a veterinarian,
must not make extra-label use of a veterinary drug in or on a food-producing animal, unless
permitted by the prescription of a veterinarian. A veterinarian may prescribe the extra-label
use of a veterinary drug if:
(1) the veterinarian makes a careful medical diagnosis within the context of a valid
veterinarian-client-patient relationship;
(2) the veterinarian determines that there is no marketed drug specifically labeled to treat the
condition diagnosed, or that drug therapy as recommended by the labeling has, in the judgment of
the attending veterinarian, been found to be clinically ineffective;
(3) the veterinarian recommends procedures to ensure that the identity of the treated animal
will be carefully maintained; and
(4) the veterinarian prescribes a significantly extended time period for drug withdrawal
before marketing meat, milk, or eggs.
History: 1989 c 314 s 7