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    Subdivision 1.[Repealed, 1991 c 282 s 23]
    Subd. 2. Qualifications. A person is qualified to receive a certificate of registration as an
instructor of barbering who:
(1) is a graduate from an approved high school, or its equivalent, as determined by
examination by the Department of Education;
(2) has qualified for a teacher's or instructor's vocational certificate;
(3) has at least three years experience as a registered barber in this state, or its equivalent as
determined by the board; and
(4) has passed an examination conducted by the board to determine fitness to instruct in
A certificate of registration under this section is provisional until a teacher's or instructor's
vocational certificate has been issued by the Department of Education. A provisional certificate of
registration is valid for 30 days and is not renewable.
    Subd. 3.[Repealed, 1991 c 282 s 23]
    Subd. 4. Examinations. Examinations under this section shall be held not to exceed twice a
year at times and at a place or places to be determined by the board. In case of an emergency,
there being no registered instructor of barbering available, a temporary certificate as an instructor
of barbering, valid only until the results of the next examination are released, may be issued upon
such terms and conditions as the board may prescribe.
    Subd. 5.[Repealed, 1991 c 282 s 23]
    Subd. 6.[Repealed, 1976 c 222 s 209]
    Subd. 7.[Repealed, 1991 c 282 s 23]
    Subd. 8.[Repealed, 1991 c 282 s 23]
History: 1945 c 159; 1967 c 692 s 1,2; 1985 c 248 s 70; 1986 c 444; 1989 c 62 s 1; 1991 c
282 s 6,7; 1Sp1995 c 3 art 16 s 13; 2003 c 130 s 12

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Revisor of Statutes