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Office of the Revisor of Statutes

The legislature intends to establish an Institute of Telecommunications Technology
Applications and Education. The institute must be structured as a collaboration between at least
the computer science, health science, teacher education, and extension programs at the University
of Minnesota, other postsecondary educational institutions in the state, Minnesota Technology,
Inc., the Department of Employment and Economic Development, libraries, and other institutions
and entities that have an interest in applications for and education on telecommunications and
information technology. The mission of the institute will be to:
(1) engage in applied research in order to develop applications and methodologies for use of
existing and expanded telecommunications and information resources and networks particularly
in the areas of provision of health care, education, business, and employment communications
and services; and
(2) provide technical assistance, education, and information to current and potential users
of telecommunications networks and systems, including at least health care providers, teachers,
employers, and employees and to advocate and promote appropriate and efficient use of the
networks and systems to improve efficiency and flexibility of the networks and systems and of
their users.
History: 1994 c 632 art 3 s 22; 1Sp2003 c 4 s 1