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In planning for the implementation of the program, the commissioner shall:
(1) establish mechanisms to encourage families to participate in the CHILD program;
(2) establish mechanisms to identify families who may wish to participate in the CHILD
program and to match volunteers with these families either before or as soon as possible after
a child is born;
(3) ensure that local organizations coordinate with services already provided by the
Departments of Health, Human Services, and Education to ensure that participating families
receive a continuum of care;
(4) coordinate with local social services agencies, local health boards, and community
health boards;
(5) ensure that services provided through the program are community-based and that the
special needs of minority communities are addressed;
(6) develop and implement appropriate systems to gather data on participating families and
to monitor and evaluate their progress; and
(7) evaluate the program's effectiveness.
History: 1996 c 451 art 4 s 28; 2003 c 130 s 12