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    (a) An individual or organization may file a written signed complaint with the commissioner
of the state lead agency alleging that one or more requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations,
title 34, part 303, is not being met. The complaint must include:
    (1) a statement that the state has violated the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act,
United States Code, title 20, section 1471 et seq. (Part C, Public Law 108-446) or Code of Federal
Regulations, title 34, section 303; and
    (2) the facts on which the complaint is based.
    (b) The commissioner of the state lead agency shall receive and coordinate with other state
agencies the review and resolution of a complaint within 60 calendar days according to the
state interagency agreement required under section 125A.48. The development and disposition
of corrective action orders for nonschool agencies shall be determined by the State Agency
Committee (SAC). Failure to comply with corrective orders may result in fiscal actions or other
History: 1994 c 647 art 3 s 9,34; 1Sp1995 c 3 art 16 s 13; 1996 c 412 art 3 s 4,5; 1Sp1997
c 4 art 2 s 1; 1998 c 397 art 2 s 164; art 11 s 3; 1999 c 123 s 16; 1Sp2003 c 9 art 10 s 13;
2007 c 146 art 11 s 12

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes