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Each application for the issuance, renewal, or extension of a license to teach must be
accompanied by a processing fee of $57. Each application for issuing, renewing, or extending
the license of a school administrator or supervisor must be accompanied by a processing fee in
the amount set by the Board of Teaching. The processing fee for a teacher's license and for the
licenses of supervisory personnel must be paid to the executive secretary of the appropriate board.
The executive secretary of the board shall deposit the fees with the commissioner of finance. The
fees as set by the board are nonrefundable for applicants not qualifying for a license. However, a
fee must be refunded by the commissioner of finance in any case in which the applicant already
holds a valid unexpired license. The board may waive or reduce fees for applicants who apply
at the same time for more than one license.
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Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes