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    Subdivision 1. Establishment. A family in which a parent provides care for the family's
infant child may receive a subsidy in lieu of assistance if the family is eligible for or is receiving
assistance under the basic sliding fee program. An eligible family must meet the eligibility
factors under section 119B.09, except as provided in subdivision 4, and the requirements of
this section. Subject to federal match and maintenance of effort requirements for the child care
and development fund, and up to available appropriations, the commissioner shall provide
assistance under the at-home infant child care program and for administrative costs associated
with the program. At the end of a fiscal year, the commissioner may carry forward any unspent
funds under this section to the next fiscal year within the same biennium for assistance under the
basic sliding fee program.
    Subd. 2. Eligible families. A family with an infant under the age of one year is eligible
for assistance if:
(1) the family is not receiving MFIP, other cash assistance, or other child care assistance;
(2) the family has not previously received a life-long total of 12 months of assistance under
this section; and
(3) the family is participating in the basic sliding fee program or provides verification
of participating in an authorized activity at the time of application and meets the program
    Subd. 3. Eligible parent. A family is eligible for assistance under this section if one parent
cares for the family's infant child. The eligible parent must:
(1) be over the age of 18;
(2) care for the infant full time in the infant's home; and
(3) care for any other children in the family who are eligible for child care assistance under
this chapter.
For purposes of this section, "parent" means birth parent, adoptive parent, or stepparent.
    Subd. 4. Assistance. (a) A family is limited to a lifetime total of 12 months of assistance
under subdivision 2. The maximum rate of assistance is equal to 90 percent of the rate established
under section 119B.13 for care of infants in licensed family child care in the applicant's county of
(b) A participating family must report income and other family changes as specified in the
county's plan under section 119B.08, subdivision 3.
(c) Persons who are admitted to the at-home infant child care program retain their position in
any basic sliding fee program. Persons leaving the at-home infant child care program reenter the
basic sliding fee program at the position they would have occupied.
(d) Assistance under this section does not establish an employer-employee relationship
between any member of the assisted family and the county or state.
    Subd. 5. Implementation. The commissioner shall implement the at-home infant child
care program under this section through counties that administer the basic sliding fee program
under section 119B.03. The commissioner must develop and distribute consumer information
on the at-home infant child care program to assist parents of infants or expectant parents in
making informed child care decisions.
History: 2004 c 288 art 4 s 12; 2005 c 98 art 1 s 4; 2007 c 147 art 2 s 4