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    Subdivision 1. Environmental Education Advisory Board. (a) The commissioner shall
provide for the development and implementation of environmental education programs that are
designed to meet the goals listed in section 115A.073.
(b) The Environmental Education Advisory Board shall advise the commissioner in carrying
out the commissioner's responsibilities under this section. The board consists of 20 members
as follows:
(1) a representative of the Pollution Control Agency, appointed by the commissioner of
the agency;
(2) a representative of the Department of Education, appointed by the commissioner of
(3) a representative of the Department of Agriculture, appointed by the commissioner of
(4) a representative of the Department of Health, appointed by the commissioner of health;
(5) a representative of the Department of Natural Resources, appointed by the commissioner
of natural resources;
(6) a representative of the Board of Water and Soil Resources, appointed by that board;
(7) a representative of the Environmental Quality Board, appointed by that board;
(8) a representative of the Board of Teaching, appointed by that board;
(9) a representative of the University of Minnesota Extension Service, appointed by the
director of the service;
(10) a citizen member from each congressional district, of which two must be licensed
teachers currently teaching in the K-12 system, appointed by the commissioner; and
(11) three at-large citizen members, appointed by the commissioner.
The citizen members shall serve two-year terms. Compensation of board members is governed by
section 15.059, subdivision 6. The board expires on June 30, 2008.
    Subd. 2. Duties; education. In addition to the commissioner's general duties established in
subdivision 1, the commissioner shall:
(1) develop a statewide waste management public education campaign with materials that
may be easily adapted by political subdivisions to meet their program needs; and
(2) develop and make available to schools educational curricula on waste education for
grades kindergarten to 12 to address at least waste reduction, recycling, litter, and proper
management and disposal of problem materials.
    Subd. 3.[Repealed, 1996 c 470 s 29]
    Subd. 4. Education, promotion, and procurement. The commissioner shall include: (1)
waste reduction and reuse, including packaging reduction and reuse; and (2) the hazards of open
burning, as defined in section 88.01, of mixed municipal solid waste, especially the hazards of
dioxin emissions to children, as elements of the commissioner's program of public education on
waste management required under this section. The waste reduction and reuse education program
must include dissemination of information and may include an award program for model waste
reduction and reuse efforts. Waste reduction and reuse educational efforts must also include
provision of information about and promotion of the model procurement program developed by
the commissioner of administration under section 115A.15, subdivision 7, or any other model
procurement program that results in significant waste reduction and reuse.
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