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    In any action brought by the attorney general, in the name of the state, pursuant to the
provisions of this chapter and chapters 114C, 114E, and 116, for civil penalties, injunctive relief,
or in an action to compel compliance, if the state shall finally prevail, and if the proven violation
was willful, the state, in addition to other penalties provided in this chapter, may be allowed an
amount determined by the court to be the reasonable value of all or a part of the litigation expenses
incurred by the state. In determining the amount of such litigation expenses to be allowed, the
court shall give consideration to the economic circumstances of the defendant.
    Amounts recovered under the provisions of this section and section 115.071, subdivisions
3 to 5
, shall be paid into the environmental fund in the state treasury to the extent provided in
section 115.073.
History: 1973 c 374 s 14; 1991 c 347 art 1 s 3; 1996 c 437 s 17; 2007 c 131 art 1 s 72