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    Subdivision 1. Purpose. The purpose of the Clean Water Legacy Act is to protect, restore,
and preserve the quality of Minnesota's surface waters by providing authority, direction, and
resources to achieve and maintain water quality standards for surface waters as required by
section 303(d) of the federal Clean Water Act, United States Code, title 33, section 1313(d),
and applicable federal regulations.
    Subd. 2. Findings. The legislature finds that:
(1) there is a close link between protecting, restoring, and preserving the quality of
Minnesota's surface waters and the ability to develop the state's economy, enhance its quality of
life, and protect its human and natural resources;
(2) achieving the state's water quality goals will require long-term commitment and
cooperation by all state and local agencies, and other public and private organizations and
individuals, with responsibility and authority for water management, planning, and protection; and
(3) all persons and organizations whose activities affect the quality of waters, including point
and nonpoint sources of pollution, have a responsibility to participate in and support efforts to
achieve the state's water quality goals.
History: 2006 c 251 s 3