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Every application for relief by the Pardon Board shall be filed with the secretary of the Board
of Pardons not less than 60 days before the meeting of the board at which consideration of the
application is desired. If an application for a pardon or commutation has been once heard and
denied on the merits, no subsequent application shall be filed without the consent of two members
of the board endorsed on the application. Immediately on receipt of any application, the secretary
to the board shall mail notice of the application, and of the time and place of hearing on it, to the
judge of the court where the applicant was tried and sentenced, and to the prosecuting attorney
who prosecuted the applicant, or a successor in office. Additionally, the secretary shall publish
notice of an application for a pardon extraordinary in the local newspaper of the county where
the crime occurred. The secretary shall also make all reasonable efforts to locate any victim of
the applicant's crime. The secretary shall mail notice of the application and the time and place
of the hearing to any victim who is located. This notice shall specifically inform the victim of
the victim's right to be present at the hearing and to submit an oral or written statement to the
board as provided in section 638.04.
History: (10784) RL s 5429; 1986 c 444; 1991 c 292 art 8 s 17; 1991 c 319 s 29; 1992
c 569 s 34