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    Subdivision 1. Scope of coverage. This section applies to all policies of accident and health
insurance, health maintenance contracts regulated under chapter 62D, health benefit certificates
offered through a fraternal benefit society regulated under chapter 64B, and subscriber contracts
offered by nonprofit health service plan corporations regulated under chapter 62C, but does not
apply to policies designed primarily to provide coverage payable on a per diem, fixed indemnity
or nonexpense incurred basis, or policies that provide only accident coverage.
    Subd. 2. Required coverage. Every policy, plan, certificate, or contract referred to in
subdivision 1 that provides coverage to a Minnesota resident must provide coverage for routine
screening procedures for cancer, including mammograms, surveillance tests for ovarian cancer
for women who are at risk for ovarian cancer as defined in subdivision 3, and pap smears, when
ordered or provided by a physician in accordance with the standard practice of medicine.
    Subd. 3. Ovarian cancer surveillance tests. For purposes of subdivision 2:
(a) "At risk for ovarian cancer" means:
(1) having a family history:
(i) with one or more first or second degree relatives with ovarian cancer;
(ii) of clusters of women relatives with breast cancer; or
(iii) of nonpolyposis colorectal cancer; or
(2) testing positive for BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations.
(b) "Surveillance tests for ovarian cancer" means annual screening using:
(1) CA-125 serum tumor marker testing;
(2) transvaginal ultrasound;
(3) pelvic examination; or
(4) other proven ovarian cancer screening tests currently being evaluated by the federal Food
and Drug Administration or by the National Cancer Institute.
History: 1988 c 441 s 2; 1988 c 642 s 5; 1992 c 564 art 1 s 32,54; 1994 c 465 art 3 s
11; 2004 c 288 art 6 s 2,3

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes