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    Subdivision 1. Definition. The term "policy of accident and sickness insurance" as used
herein includes any policy covering the kind of insurance described in section 60A.06, subdivision
, clause (5)(a).
    Subd. 2. Equal protection. A certificate of insurance or similar evidence of coverage issued
to a Minnesota resident shall provide coverage for all benefits required to be covered in group
policies in Minnesota by this chapter and chapter 62E.
This subdivision supersedes any inconsistent provision of this chapter and chapter 62E.
A policy of accident and sickness insurance that is issued or delivered in this state and that
covers a person residing in another state may provide coverage or contain provisions that are less
favorable to that person than required by this chapter and chapter 62E. Less favorable coverages
or provisions must meet the requirements that the state in which the person resides would have
required had the policy been issued or delivered in that state.
    Subd. 3. Exclusions. Subdivision 2 does not apply to certificates issued in regard to a master
policy issued outside the state of Minnesota if all of the following are true:
(1) the policyholder or certificate holder exists primarily for purposes other than to obtain
(2) the policyholder or certificate holder is not a Minnesota corporation and does not have its
principal office in Minnesota;
(3) the policy or certificate covers fewer than 25 employees who are residents of Minnesota
and the Minnesota employees represent less than 25 percent of all covered employees; and
(4) on request of the commissioner, the issuer files with the commissioner a copy of the
policy and a copy of each form of certificate.
This subdivision applies to employers who are not corporations if they are policyholders or
certificate holders providing coverage to employees through the certificate or policy.
    Subd. 4. Application of other laws. Section 60A.08, subdivision 4, shall not be construed
as requiring a certificate of insurance or similar evidence of insurance that meets the conditions
of subdivision 3 to comply with this chapter or chapter 62E.
History: 1967 c 395 art 3 s 1; 1989 c 330 s 8

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes