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    Subdivision 1. Scope. The collateral sanctions discussed in this section are codified in
section 168.013.
    Subd. 2. Revocation. (a) In addition to criminal penalties, a person driving commercial
vehicles with an excess of gross weight is subject under section 168.013, subdivision 3, paragraph
(d), under certain circumstances, to cancellation of the certificate of registration and impoundment
of registration plates.
(b) A person operating a commercial motor vehicle who commits a specified first or second
driving offense, a defined serious traffic violation, a violation of an out-of-service order, or a
railroad grade crossing violation is disqualified under section 171.17 from operating a commercial
motor vehicle for varying periods depending upon the offense committed as set forth in section
171.17, subdivision 1.
History: 2005 c 136 art 14 s 18