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Before the sale of property on execution notice shall be given as follows:
(1) if the sale be of personal property, by giving ten days posted notice of the time and
place thereof;
(2) if the sale be of real property, on execution or on judgment, by six weeks posted and
published notice of the time and place thereof, describing the property with sufficient certainty to
enable a person of common understanding to identify it.
An officer who sells without such notice shall forfeit $100 to the party aggrieved, in addition
to paying actual damages; and a person who before the sale or the satisfaction of the execution,
and without the consent of the parties, takes down or defaces the notice posted, shall forfeit
$50; but the validity of the sale shall not be affected by either act, either as to third persons or
parties to the action.
History: (9433) RL s 4304; 1986 c 444