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No county treasurer or deputy shall either directly or indirectly contract for or purchase any
orders or warrants issued by the treasurer's county, or any state warrants, or the orders or warrants
of any city, town, or other body politic for which the treasurer is the collector of taxes, at any
discount; and any treasurer or deputy who shall directly or indirectly contract for, purchase, or
procure any such orders or warrants at any discount whatever, shall not be allowed, on settlement,
the amount of these orders or warrants, or any part thereof, and shall forfeit the whole amount
due thereon and $100 for every breach of the provisions of this section, to be recovered in a civil
action at the suit of the state for the use of the county. The person to whom the county treasurer is
required to return the state, county, city, town, school, or road tax is prohibited from receiving from
any county treasurer any orders, warrants, or bonds in payment of taxes collected, unless, with the
orders, warrants, or bonds, such treasurer shall file an affidavit with the person entitled to receive
the tax, stating therein that all such orders, warrants, and bonds were received at their par value.
History: (866) RL s 520; 1973 c 123 art 5 s 7; 1986 c 444