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Either before or after the selection of the building site, the commission shall have plans and
specifications for the building prepared and may employ architects, engineers, drafters, and
clerical help to prepare the plans and specifications. The commission shall set the compensation
of the employees. The city and the county shall pay the compensation in equal parts when
presented with statements certified to be correct by a majority of the commission. All contracts
and employment shall be subject to approval by the city council and county board. When the
plans and specifications for the building are completed, the commission shall submit them to
the city council and the county board for approval. The council and board shall approve the
proposed plans and specifications, or reject them and resubmit them to the commission for further
consideration. When the plans and specifications are satisfactory to both the city council and
the county board, each of those bodies shall pass a resolution authorizing and instructing the
commission to proceed with the work.
History: (643-12) 1929 c 397 s 12; 1985 c 109 s 4; 1986 c 444