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Failure of the purchaser to make any payment of any installment or of any interest required
under a contract within six months from the date on which such payment becomes due, or to pay
before they become delinquent all taxes that may be levied upon the lands so purchased shall
constitute a default, and thereupon the contract shall be deemed canceled, and all right, title, and
interest of the purchaser, or the purchaser's heirs, representatives, or assigns in the premises shall
terminate upon cancellation in accord with section 282.40. A record of such default shall be made
in the state land records kept by or under the direction of the commissioner of natural resources,
and a certificate of such default may be made by or under the direction of the commissioner and
filed with the county treasurer or recorded in the office of the county recorder of the county in
which the premises are situated. Any such record or certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the
facts therein stated, but the making of such record or certificate shall not be essential to the taking
effect of such cancellation and termination, and thereupon the land described in the contract
shall be subject to disposition as provided in sections 282.15 and 282.16, upon first having been
reclassified and reappraised as provided by section 282.14. The county auditor shall report any
such default to the commissioner of natural resources on or before June 30 of each year.
History: (2139-27e) 1939 c 320 s 4; 1945 c 381 s 2; 1947 c 484 s 1; 1969 c 1129 art 10 s 2;
1976 c 181 s 2; 1983 c 342 art 15 s 32; 1986 c 444