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Whenever at the time fixed by law for absolute forfeiture of any parcel of land heretofore or
hereafter bid in for the state there shall be pending, in the United States district court, proceedings
in eminent domain affecting such parcel, and such eminent domain proceedings shall have been
pending more than two years prior to the date of forfeiture, the time of the forfeiture of such
parcel shall be and is postponed and continued until the expiration of one year after the final
determination of such eminent domain proceedings; and the owner of such parcel, regardless of
whether such parcel is included within the boundaries of any game preserve, reforestation project,
or conservation area, or any person having an interest therein, may discharge the delinquent taxes
and assessments against such parcel and redeem such parcel, or portion thereof, from such sale
to the state within such period, as so extended, upon payment of the portion of such unpaid
taxes and assessments permitted by any law in effect during the pendency of such condemnation
proceedings. Such redemption and discharge of delinquent taxes and assessments may be so made
regardless of any or no determination of the value or other action by the county board or the
commissioner of revenue.
History: (2176-1) 1933 c 274 s 1; 1973 c 582 s 3; 1983 c 342 art 15 s 29