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    Subdivision 1. Restriction. Except when ordered by the court pursuant to a finding of
necessity to protect the life of the proposed patient or others, no person subject to the provisions
of this chapter shall be confined in a jail or correctional institution, except pursuant to chapter
242 or 244.
    Subd. 2. Facilities. Each county or a group of counties shall maintain or provide by contract
a facility for confinement of persons held temporarily for observation, evaluation, diagnosis,
treatment, and care. When the temporary confinement is provided at a regional treatment center,
the commissioner shall charge the county of financial responsibility for the costs of confinement
of persons hospitalized under section 253B.05, subdivisions 1 and 2, and section 253B.07,
subdivision 2b
, except that the commissioner shall bill the responsible health plan first. If the
person has health plan coverage, but the hospitalization does not meet the criteria in subdivision
6 or section 62M.07, 62Q.53, or 62Q.535, the county is responsible. "County of financial
responsibility" means the county in which the person resides at the time of confinement or, if the
person has no residence in this state, the county which initiated the confinement. The charge shall
be based on the commissioner's determination of the cost of care pursuant to section 246.50,
subdivision 5
. When there is a dispute as to which county is the county of financial responsibility,
the county charged for the costs of confinement shall pay for them pending final determination of
the dispute over financial responsibility. Disputes about the county of financial responsibility shall
be submitted to the commissioner to be settled in the manner prescribed in section 256G.09.
    Subd. 3. Cost of care. Notwithstanding subdivision 2, a county shall be responsible for the
cost of care as specified under section 246.54 for persons hospitalized at a regional treatment
center in accordance with section 253B.09 and the person's legal status has been changed to a
court hold under section 253B.07, subdivision 2b, pending a judicial determination regarding
continued commitment pursuant to sections 253B.12 and 253B.13.
    Subd. 4. Treatment. The designated agency shall take reasonable measures to assure proper
care and treatment of a person temporarily confined pursuant to this section.
    Subd. 5. Health plan company; definition. For purposes of this section, "health plan
company" has the meaning given it in section 62Q.01, subdivision 4, and also includes a
demonstration provider as defined in section 256B.69, subdivision 2, paragraph (b), a county or
group of counties participating in county-based purchasing according to section 256B.692, and a
children's mental health collaborative under contract to provide medical assistance for individuals
enrolled in the prepaid medical assistance and MinnesotaCare programs according to sections
245.493 to 245.495.
    Subd. 6. Coverage. (a) For purposes of this section, "mental health services" means all
covered services that are intended to treat or ameliorate an emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric
condition and that are covered by the policy, contract, or certificate of coverage of the enrollee's
health plan company or by law.
(b) All health plan companies that provide coverage for mental health services must cover or
provide mental health services ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction under a court order
that is issued on the basis of a behavioral care evaluation performed by a licensed psychiatrist or a
doctoral level licensed psychologist, which includes a diagnosis and an individual treatment plan
for care in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment. The health plan company must
be given a copy of the court order and the behavioral care evaluation. The health plan company
shall be financially liable for the evaluation if performed by a participating provider of the health
plan company and shall be financially liable for the care included in the court-ordered individual
treatment plan if the care is covered by the health plan company and ordered to be provided by a
participating provider or another provider as required by rule or law. This court-ordered coverage
must not be subject to a separate medical necessity determination by a health plan company under
its utilization procedures.
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