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    Subdivision 1. Allowed expenses. The necessary expenses of sheriffs and other peace
officers incurred in conveying convicted persons and children adjudicated delinquent and
committed to the custody of the commissioner of corrections to the appropriate adult or juvenile
correctional facility as designated by the commissioner of corrections, including per diem and
expenses of correctional officers, shall be allowed by the commissioner of finance and paid
out of the state treasury. The commissioner of finance may allow and pay for the necessary
expenses incurred by the sheriff, deputy, or other peace officer in going to and returning from the
correctional facility and $10 per day for each correctional officer. Not more than one correctional
officer shall be allowed for one prisoner, but one additional correctional officer shall be allowed
for every two additional prisoners. All bills shall be in writing, fully itemized, verified, and
accompanied by the receipt of the chief executive officer of the facility for the delivery of the
convicted or adjudicated persons, in a form prescribed by the commissioner of finance.
    Subd. 2. Transportation of prisoners. The conveyance of prisoners to and from court in
connection with postconviction, habeas corpus, or intrastate mandatory disposition of detainers
proceedings shall be by the sheriff of the county in which the proceedings are to be held and at the
expense of the state as provided in subdivision 1.
History: (10826) 1909 c 70 s 1; 1945 c 327 s 1; 1951 c 339 s 3; 1959 c 630 s 3; 1971 c 905 s
1; 1973 c 492 s 14; 1979 c 102 s 13; 1983 c 264 s 5; 1994 c 636 art 6 s 33