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    Subdivision 1. Inspection requirements. All boilers and steam generators must be inspected
by the Division of Boiler Inspection before they are used and all boilers must be inspected at
least once each year thereafter except as provided under subdivision 2. Inspectors may subject
all boilers to hydrostatic pressure or hammer test, and shall ascertain by a thorough internal and
external examination that they are well made and of good and suitable material; that the openings
for the passage of water and steam, respectively, and all pipes and tubes exposed to heat, are
of proper dimensions and free from obstructions; that the flues are circular in form; that the
arrangements for delivering the feed water are such that the boilers cannot be injured thereby;
and that such boilers and their connections may be safely used without danger to life or property.
Inspectors shall ascertain that the safety valves are of suitable dimensions, sufficient in number,
and properly arranged, and that the safety valves are so adjusted as to allow no greater pressure
in the boilers than the amount prescribed by the inspector's certificate; that there is a sufficient
number of gauge cocks, properly inserted, to indicate the amount of water, and suitable gauges
that will correctly record the pressure; and that the fusible metals are properly inserted where
required so as to fuse by the heat of the furnace whenever the water in the boiler falls below its
prescribed limit; and that provisions are made for an ample supply of water to feed the boilers at
all times; and that means for blowing out are provided, so as to thoroughly remove the mud and
sediment from all parts when under pressure.
    Subd. 2. Qualifying boiler. (a) "Qualifying boiler" means a boiler of 200,000 pounds per
hour or more capacity which has an internal continuous water treatment program approved by
the department and which the chief boiler inspector has determined to be in compliance with
paragraph (c).
(b) A qualifying boiler must be inspected at least once every 24 months internally and
externally while not under pressure and at least once every 18 months externally while under
pressure. If the inspector considers it necessary to conduct a hydrostatic test to determine the
safety of a boiler, the test must be conducted under the direction of the owner, contractor, or user
of the equipment under the supervision of an inspector.
(c) The owner of a qualifying boiler must keep accurate records showing the date and
actual time the boiler is out of service, the reason or reasons therefor, and the chemical physical
laboratory analysis of samples of the boiler water taken at regular intervals of not more than
48 hours of operation which adequately show the condition of the water, and any elements or
characteristics of the water capable of producing corrosion or other deterioration of the boiler
or its parts.
(d) If an inspector determines there are substantial deficiencies in equipment or in boiler water
treatment operating procedures, inspections of a qualifying boiler may be required once every 12
months until the chief boiler inspector finds that the substantial deficiencies have been corrected.
History: (5481) RL s 2175; 1957 c 503 s 8; 1982 c 379 s 7; 1989 c 71 s 2

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes