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103F.745 RULES.
(a) The agency shall adopt rules necessary to implement sections 103F.701 to 103F.761. The
rules shall contain at a minimum:
(1) procedures to be followed by local units of government in applying for technical or
financial assistance or both;
(2) conditions for the administration of assistance;
(3) procedures for the development, evaluation, and implementation of best management
(4) requirements for a diagnostic study and implementation plan;
(5) criteria for the evaluation and approval of a diagnostic study and implementation plan;
(6) criteria for the evaluation of best management practices;
(7) criteria for the ranking of projects in order of priority for assistance;
(8) criteria for defining and evaluating eligible costs and cost-sharing by local units of
government applying for assistance; and
(9) other matters as the agency and the commissioner find necessary for the proper
administration of sections 103F.701 to 103F.761, including any rules determined by the
commissioner to be necessary for the implementation of federal programs to control nonpoint
source water pollution.
(b) For financial assistance by loan under section 103F.725, subdivision 1a, criteria
established by rule for the clean water partnership grants program shall guide requirements and
administrative procedures for the loan program until January 1, 1996, or the effective date of the
administrative rules for the clean water partnership loan program, whichever occurs first.
History: 1990 c 391 art 6 s 89; 1994 c 632 art 2 s 28

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