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    Subdivision 1. Cost-share required. Except for a development activity, a land occupier
may not be required to establish soil conservation practices unless state cost-sharing funds have
been specifically approved for that land and have been made available to the land occupier
under sections 103F.421 and 103F.425, equal to at least 75 percent of the cost of the permanent
conservation practices on a voluntary basis, or a 50 percent cost-share if an application for
cost-share is not made within 90 days after the board approves a mediated written agreement or
within 90 days after the court orders implementation of a plan and time schedule prepared by the
landowner or the court. For mediated settlements, a court order that implements the landowner's
alternatives or the court's alternatives must state the time schedule for application for 50 percent
cost-share. If the court orders implementation of the district's plan and time schedule, a landowner
is eligible only for 50 percent cost-share.
    Subd. 2. Review of requirements. The Board of Water and Soil Resources shall review these
requirements at least once each year and may authorize a district to provide a higher percentage of
cost-sharing than is required by this section. To aid in this determination, the board may consider
the location of the affected area in relation to the priority areas as established in the soil and water
conservation district annual and long-range plans.
    Subd. 3. Recording. The permanent conservation practices must be recorded with the county
recorder on the tracts where they occur if the cost-sharing funds are issued to the landowner.
History: 1990 c 391 art 6 s 66