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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

383A.01 Boundaries.

The county of Ramsey is established and bounded as follows:

(a) Beginning at the northwest corner of town thirty north, of range twenty-three west of the fourth principal meridian; thence east, on the line between townships thirty and thirty-one, to the northeast corner of town thirty of range twenty-two; thence south, on the line between ranges twenty-one and twenty-two, to the southeast corner of section twenty-four, in town twenty-eight, of range twenty-two; thence west, on the section line, to the middle of the main channel of the Mississippi River; thence up the middle of said channel to the mouth of the Minnesota River; thence following the western channel of said Mississippi River, so as to include in Ramsey County the islands in said Mississippi River at and above the mouth of the said Minnesota River, to the line between sections thirty-one and thirty-two of town twenty-nine, in range twenty-three; thence north, on the section line, to the northwest corner of section five in said town; thence west, on the north line of said town, to the northwest corner thereof; thence north, on the line between ranges twenty-three and twenty-four, to the place of beginning.

(b) That all of that part of Dakota County lying north of the south boundary line of sections seven and eight and nine, of township number twenty-eight, range twenty-two west, and section twelve of township twenty-eight, range twenty-three west, are detached from the county of Dakota, and attached to the county of Ramsey, for all purposes whatsoever. The southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section seven, town twenty-eight, range twenty-two west, is excepted from the provisions of this subsection, and remains a part and portion of Dakota County.

HIST: 1974 c 435 s 1.01