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336A.09 Inquiries.

Subdivision 1. Procedure. (a) Oral and written inquiries regarding information provided by the filing of effective financing statements or lien notices may be made at any filing office during regular business hours.

(b) A filing office receiving an oral or written inquiry shall, upon request, provide an oral or facsimile response to the inquiry and must send a confirmation of the inquiry in writing by the end of the next business day after the inquiry is received.

(c) A filing office shall maintain a record of inquiries made under this section including:

(1) the date of the inquiry;

(2) the name of the debtor inquired about; and

(3) identification of the person making the request for inquiry.

Subd. 2. Searches; fees. (a) If a person makes a request, the filing officer shall conduct a search of the computerized filing system for effective financing statements or lien notices and statements of continuation of a particular debtor. The filing officer shall produce a report including the date, time, and results of the search by issuing:

(1) a listing of the file number, date, and hour of each effective financing statement found in the search and the names and addresses of each secured party on the effective financing statements or of each lien notice found in the search and the names and address of each lienholder on the lien notice; or

(2) upon request, both the report and photocopies of the effective financing statements or lien notices.

(b) The uniform fee for conducting a search and for preparing a report is $20 per debtor name. If an oral or facsimile response is requested, there is an additional fee of $5 per debtor name requested. A fee of $1 per page will be charged for photocopies of effective financing statements, lien notices, continuation statements, or termination statements.

(c) Search fees collected by a satellite office must be deposited in the general fund of the county where the satellite office is located.

HIST: 1992 c 525 s 10; 1993 c 369 s 125; 1994 c 438 s 15; 2004 c 191 s 10